Special treatments

Relaxation for all your senses

Fragrant oils, local ingredients. Sense the mountains on your wellness holidays in Lech, and do so also with the special treatments at the Goldener Berg. How does an “Alpine Spa – Harmony” relaxation massage sound, with St. John’s wort milk and warm herbal pouches.

You have a range to choose from:

Back massage for our little guests

We also offer a feel-good-programme for our little guests!

25 minutes € 36.00
Lymph Drainage

Gently helps your body to heal itself. Easy, smooth massaging techniques help eliminate water retention from your body. This is a great way to purify your body. Ideal after one of our wraps or baths.

25 minutes € 44.00
50 minutes € 82.00
80 minutes € 135.00
Liver Pack

During the different treatments we recommend a liver pack. It encourages detoxification and supports the functions of the liver.

25 minutes € 38.00
Alpin Spa - Baths

Honey- Swiss stone pine bath salt – has a harmonising and relaxing effect on body and soul, makes the skin smooth and gentle.

Purifying mountain vitality salt – enhances the purification of the tissue and tightens the skin.

After the bath, your skin is treated with a moisturizing crème.

20 minutes € 33.00
Body Scrub

Mountain vitality salt and honey: purifies and tightens the skin

25 minutes € 45.00
Alpin Spa - Base Body Scrub

Ideal as preparation for a following base bath.

25 minutes € 45.00
Alpin Spa - Base Bath

A soothing bath for de-acidification, detoxification and excretion through the skin.

45 minutes € 57.00
Alpin Spa - Basen Footbath

Foot massage with base peeling followed by a foot bath in herb-base-essence.

15 minutes € 21.00
Alpin Spa - Base Trilogy

Starting with a base body scrub your blood circulation is stimulated and the skin metabolism activated. Then enjoy a full base bath that strengthens your immune system and promotes the self-healing process. As a conclusion, we wrap your body in a base coat, the very regenerating effect.

50 minutes € 82.00
Galileo(c) Training

The Galileo trainings device is available for you all the time. Upon request you can train with a personal trainer who supports you with your exercises.

50 minutes € 82.00
Alpin Spa - The Way to Self-healing

Let's take a time out for the body and soul! Clean your energy system, chakras, aura layers and thinking patters from external power and karma!

60 minutes € 133.00
90 minutes € 177.00

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