Health holidays in the mountains

Experience a health holiday par excellence in the mountains here at the Goldener Berg. Wonderfully fresh, Alpine, and young. Together with renowned experts we have developed concepts to spoil our guests through and through.

Alpine well-being

Diet, exercise, and balance are important pillars of this concept. Harmonious fundamentals, individual paths, and plenty of time for yourself ensure a time-out for regeneration, for your sweet well-being.
What’s more, we place emphasis on taste and regionality. Our hotel’s furnishings and the ingredients used in the kitchens have local roots, and we live thankfully hand in hand with nature. The ingredients used in the applications in our Alpine Spa have been equally carefully selected, and some of them have been specially developed for the Goldener Berg. Always in view: our homeland, Alpine nature and its power.

Our experts for your health holiday in the mountains

In order to strengthen your inner balance, we support the detox recipes of Dr. med. Ewald Töth, nurturing the body’s own detoxifying and cleansing processes. A new way of life is created with Marion Grillparzer’s GLYX recipies, one that is healthy, tastes great, and makes you happy. The result forms a basis for a new feeling of life.

Our fitness area is home to state-of-the-art Galileo training equipment to help you towards a fitter feeling of life. Our special stone pine ceilings and suitable energy waves in all rooms of our health hotel help provide you with a calm sleep experience.

More about health

Wellness on Arlberg

Don’t you sometimes long to escape everyday life? Magic away the stress and let your body and soul be free? If so, then welcome to the Goldener Berg, a place where you can find time and space to relax with a wellness well-being programme. On entering the Alpine Spa you will feel the stresses of everyday life fall away one by one, and from this moment you can recharge on what you need. Take a step back and strengthen your body soul and spirit.

Treat yourself to a wellness treatment and enjoy the wonderful tranquility of the Alps!

Our wellness treatments