The Lifestyle Hotel Goldener Berg in Arlberg

Why is it that guests staying at the Lifestyle Hotel Goldener Berg feel so great?
There are many reasons. Oberlech is recognised as a place of energy. This is palpable, yet in a gentle way. You don't need to see any statistics, you just need to see the faces of the visitors here. There is plenty you can do for your own sense of well-being at the Goldener Berg, such as choosing from the various dietary options, detox treatments and health concepts.

4 star Superior luxury meets crystal clear mountain air
  • Our hotel is at 1700 m above sea level and in winter is in a car-free area
  • Right in the centre of the largest ski area in Austria, and hiking and biking in Arlberg attracts its visitors in summer. Ski in & ski out, walk in & walk out!
  • We have 4 gourmet restaurants. Choose your own favourite place...
  • We have more than 1250 different wines from all over the world stored in our wine cellar
  • Renowned experts support us in our concepts and help provide healthy well-being with their wealth of knowledge
  • Leo Hermann, energy specialist, helps create a unique environment. The hotel is free of electro smog. In the rooms, the use of stone pine ensures quality sleep.
ein Bademantel im Wellnesshotel Goldener Berg in Lech

Well-being at the Goldener Berg


It's all about people; a symbiosis of staff, guests, hosts, nature, and the mountains.
And primarily, it's all about you.


zwei Gläser Roséwein bei der Berggrill-Terrasse im Hotel Goldener Berg am Arlberg

Weddings and celebrations at the Goldener Berg


Fabulous views of the dramatic mountain panorama, exquisite culinary delights, and fine wine with which to drink a toast make your wedding or other celebration here at the Goldener Berg unforgettable!

Parties & celebrations

A day at the Goldener Berg

How a typical day on holiday could look for you:

ein Bett in einem Zimmer im Hotel Goldener Berg am Arlberg

We wish you a “gute Nacht!”

... and then?

Rooms & suites