The panorama restaurant at the Goldener Berg

Nomen est omen!

The panorama restaurant is serving heavenly dishes with breathtaking views. It's especially beautiful when you can enjoy your favourite dessert whilst gazing through the window at the sugar-sprinkled mountain peaks.


Already the breakfast - just a dream!

We drink our coffee black, but with amazing views to accompany our breakfast. Majestic, picturesque, calm. There’s no better feeling than sitting down at a laid table feeling totally rested after a good night sleep. We serve local organic produce, our milk comes from cows that have individual names and spend each summer on the Vorarlberg Alpine pastures grazing on fresh herbs.


Our bread smells good and fresh and is full of healthy vitamins and fibre.

Our muesli is crisp and tasty.

A whole range of fresh organic produce invitingly smiles up at you.

Take your time.
To taste, enjoy, and plan your Alpine days. The panorama restaurant is somewhere you can dine regally and happily.

Heavenly food in the evening

The tables here invite you in the evenings aswell. In the panorama restaurant, heavenly dishes are served daily from 19:00 to 21:00, always accompanied by breathtaking views. Especially beautiful when dusted with icing sugar, both the mountain peaks through the window and your favourite dessert on your plate.

In our panorama restaurant, we serve our popular GLYX menus. This ensures that your body gets all the nutrients it needs each day, whilst you can sit back and enjoy. Our whole team regularly receives training from the nutritionist Marion Grillparzer, and here at the Goldener Berg we cook, serve, and advise according to her GLYX principle.

Opening times: 19:00 to 21:00

Table reservation

Stay tuned!
International evenings, Austrian buffets, open kitchen parties

There's always something new at the Goldener Berg. We would love to keep you personally informed about our latest offers.